Odds and Ends

Sketch of jam jar, labelled Jim Jam

Continuing a home jam-making tradition, from maternal and paternal family lines

Sketch of cat on a cake

A chocolate sponge cake made for language students Cinta and Sara from Catalonia

woman mangling union jack and french tricolor

Misunderstandings between English and French speakers when visiting their neighbouring country

fairy cake with simple face

A guide pour les enfants fran├žais to the difference between the English use of 'enough' and 'sufficient'

stack of french macarons

Cakes and macrons to celebrate our brilliant language students from northern France

happy jumping girl cartoon

Some of my friend Ruby's favourite cakes and bakes

tree of life

Lost and found family roots and branches. Serendipitous searches for the family tree

cleared home signal

The tragic end of Robert Shaw, from Carrickstone Farm, Cumbernauld, in 1879