Scoutmaster Shaw escorts Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell at Dudhope 1910

Scoutmaster James Shaw (left) escorts Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (right) at the Dudhope Park parade, March 1910

The inspection of the 3rd Forfarshire Troop of the Boy Scouts in the Dudhope Park, Dundee, was witnessed by a huge gathering of spectators, and fortunately weather of the best description prevailed. On arrival at the Tay Bridge Station from Cupar shortly before four o'clock General Sir R. S. Baden-Powell was met by Lord Provost Urquhart; Lieutenant H. S. Glenny, R.N.V.R.; Colonel J. Lindsay Henderson, Colonel Howard Hill, and Mr J. Poustie, vice-president of the Boy Scouts' Association in the district. Mr J. S.  Lawrence, Edinburgh, secretary of the movement in Scotland, was also present.

At the gate of Dudhope Park the Chief Scout was received by a guard of honour from the Dundee Battalion of the Boys' Brigade. The Scouts, who were drawn from Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Arbroath and Montrose took up their position in line in Barrack Square and after the general salute General Baden-Powell inspected the detachment, which afterwards marched past to music supplied by the scouts' flute band. Scoutmaster James Shaw, Dundee, was in charge of the division and the state of the parade was as follows:- Patrol Leaders, 34; corporals, 56; scouts, 140; band scouts, 25; assistant scoutmasters, 9; band scoutmasters, 3; scoutmasters, 11 - total 278. 

The King's Badge and "All-Round Cords" were presented to Patrol Leader John McArthur, Dundee, of the 3rd Forfarshire Troop, by General Baden-Powell who afterwards addressed the Scouts. He said that they had made a very smart turnout. A good many of them, he noticed, had got badges of efficiency on their arms but he wanted to see all of them get badges, just to show that they were Scouts and not merely little boys playing at a game, but that they were fellows who were learning to do their work as men. He hoped they would not forget their promises as Scouts to do three things, viz:- First, Honour God and the King; second, carrying out the Scout law; and third, do a good deed every day. He hoped to come back some day to see them at their work in the field.

Addressing the detachment of the Boys' Brigade, the General said their place was to work side by side with the Scouts. He was proud to belong both to the Boy Scouts and the Boys' Brigade.

Three hearty cheers were given for the Chief by the Scouts and Lord Provost Urquhart proposed a vote of thanks to General Baden-Powell, who in reply expressed his pleasure at the large turnout of the public. General Baden-Powell afterwards motored to Perth.


[Extract, by kind permission,  from The Scotsman, dated Tuesday 22nd March 1910]

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