James Shaw III

Risqué Ramblings

Jim Shaw's cartoons relating to the Nash Rambler 1953 Model

graphic 'nash ramblings'

sales brouchure view of three cars
A group of three Nash Ramblers - note the 'shelf' at the rear

The 1953 Model of the Nash Rambler attracted the interest of my father, Jim Shaw, to the extent that he made up a little cartoon booklet titled "Nash Ramblings". The car had a distinct shelf at the rear which informed the first two cartoons.

police officer stands on rear of car
"Follow that cab!"

two liveried trumpeters stand on the rear of the car
Ponsonby misses the old stagecoach

The distictive hood or bonnet ornament attracted some attention and informed the last two cartoons.

flying nude hood or bonnet ornament
Nash's 'Flying Nude' hood or bonnet ornament
two car salesman discuss nash rambler customers
"Takes a lot of fumbling before they realise it isn't the bonnet catch"
pedestrian knocked down in front of car looking up at ornament
"Don't apologise old man, it's a pleasure!"